Equally Safe at School

Equally Safe at School
Website coding & design

We’ve worked with the team at Rape Crisis Scotland on a number of projects, including transferring their main site on to our system and redeveloping the site in conjunction with an external designer in 2021. We were delighted to win a tender to work with the team again on a specific site for a project aimed at helping schools tackle gender-based violence.

Equally Safe at School has been developed for secondary schools to help them take a whole school approach to preventing gender-based violence, with staff and students working together with a shared understanding and commitment to equality and safety for all. It’s a project which is very close to our hearts.

ESAS was developed by Rape Crisis Scotland and Glasgow University. It was designed and piloted in several schools in Scotland with support from Zero Tolerance and a wide range of other voluntary and statutory partners and stakeholders.

The website has been developed to support schools to implement ESAS and designed to make activities as straightforward and achievable as possible.

The ESAS platform had vibrant branding already developed but needed a pretty complex site to support schools. It had to provide a range of information; have varying levels of access for school leads, teachers, students and school management; include features such as forums and e-learning modules; provide a route for anonymous feedback; and allow schools to use the system as a repository for all of their documents related to the project.

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What we did

We were able to build a custom solution for the team working on the project to power all of the features that they needed, developing these as broadly as possible to ensure maximum flexibility – allowing extra information to be added in future. We continued to work with the team through a piloting process, allowing us to make tweaks before the full launch.

Schools can register an account on the website and log in to access all the tools and resources to help them implement a whole school approach.

The site also allows forum users to upload videos that are automatically transferred to the Vimeo platform for embedding within the site (and nowhere else, thanks to its privacy controls).

The basics of the site are powered by our in-house CMS, with a range of add-on modules to provide the full range of features the ESAS team required, including managing the site’s content, user accounts and accessing a range of reporting options.

They said …

We were very fortunate to work with fuzzylime, who were able to turn our abstract ideas for a complex online platform for schools into a reality. They offered sound advice, responded promptly to all communication and helped us craft a website which schools and stakeholders have welcomed as a valuable and innovative resource to support self-directed progress.

We would highly recommend fuzzylime for their professionalism, creativity and client-focused service.

Kathryn Dawson, Sexual Violence Prevention Co-ordinator, Rape Crisis Scotland

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