What we offer

Building websites is our bread and butter. But it’s not all we do with our days.

Website design and coding

We design modern, clean, vibrant websites that are attractive to your visitors. Not only do they look good – we also spend a lot of time ensuring they are easy to use and navigate so visitors want to come back.

We don’t use templates, which makes it very easy for us to design you a site that does exactly what you want. All the sites we design now are responsive – that means that they display in a more user-friendly format when viewed on a phone, tablet and so on.


After discovering a gap in the market for e-commerce software that was easy to use for both visitors and retailers, we decided to create our own based on our vast experience of buying online (bank manager look away now).

Our system makes it really simple for customers to buy and pay, as well as for our clients to manage their online shops.

App development

With more and more people accessing the internet from phones and tablets, people expect to be able to do lots more things through apps.

Whether you’re looking to have an app version of your website developed or for an app to offer something completely different, we are happy to help. We can develop apps for Apple and Android devices.

Support and advice

We pride ourselves on our close relationship with our clients and we don’t abandon you once your site launches. We provide full training in how to update your website and are only ever an email or phone call away if you get stuck or anything goes wrong.

We can offer advice on setting up and maintaining social media streams and incorporate them into your website. While we don’t offer ongoing SEO, we make sure your site is set up to be as search-engine friendly as possible at launch and are happy to advise on what you can do on an ongoing basis.

Website hosting

Your website will need a domain name – that’s its address, something like fuzzylime.co.uk – and a host – that's where it lives online. You can register the domain yourself, or we can do it for you.

We prefer to host our websites ourselves as we can make sure everything works as it should but are normally happy to pricematch what you are already paying. Another advantage of this is you have one contact for all things web related.

Updating your website

We have produced our own content management system – that’s what you use to update your site – designed from the ground up to make it as easy to use as possible.

We know it’s easy for us to say but it really is incredibly simple to update your site using our system – many of our clients are amazed when we train them, especially if they have previously used some well-known, open-source systems. We are happy to give you a demo if you don’t believe us!

Copywriting for websites

We’re former Herald journalists with more than 25 years of experience writing and producing engaging copy.

We can help you as much as you need – we can edit your own words or put your ideas into words for you. It often helps to have a fresh pair of eyes on your words to ensure there isn’t too much jargon.

We’ll also ensure they’re worded in a way that will help improve their ranking on search engines – so more people will find your site in the first place.


Although we aren’t graphic designers, we’ve years of experience in design and are happy to help you with your branding if you are not looking for anything too elaborate. We can also recommend fab graphic designers we’ve worked with.

We can create enticing logos and colour schemes that work well both on and offline. As well as creating your website, we can also design any offline items you require, such as business cards, compliments slips, leaflets or posters.

If you already have branding in place, we’re happy to design round this when we create your website.

And there’s more …

We could go on but you’ve better things to do with your time so we’ll keep it short. As well as all things web, we also write and design for print – in the past we have researched and written a book for a client and we have also written and designed annual reports, leaflets, banners etc.

We’re also experienced project managers and are happy to take on this side of the business for you. We have made lots of contacts along the way and are happy to recommend, printers, photographers, filmmakers etc.

We’re always looking for new projects so why not get in touch?