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Team work

Collage of Orkney and Shetland rape crises websitesWe have been working with Rape Crisis Scotland recently to help them with a few projects.

They opened a new Rape Crisis service in Orkney a few weeks ago and in Shetland this week and we have worked closely with both teams to develop their new websites.

The websites have been developed side-by-side with consistency of layout and information while using each service's distinctive logo, colour scheme and images to give them their own look and feel.

The websites are structured in the same way so that visitors can find out vital information quickly and easily.

They have essential features such as a prominent "leave this site now" emergency button and visitors are able to download information leaflets on a number of topics.

We are sure the teams at both the Orkney and Shetland services will do a great job helping women survivors and we are delighted to have been able to help in a small way.

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