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Replaying memories

Sporting memories app

We first worked with the sporting memories project when we were asked to create them a website many years ago. The organisation started with football and then began adding different sports and there are now 14 different categories to choose from.

The idea behind Replay Sporting Memories is to tackle dementia, depression and loneliness through the power of sport.

Many people have a favourite sport and memories around particular sports or clubs or events may spark engagement with other people and allow a conversation to start or experiences to be relived.

We were absolutely delighted to be invited to create an app for Replay Sporting Memories to work alongside the website allowing another way for people to interact.

The app makes it really simple to explore all the different sports. For example if you choose football then you can narrow your search down by country or club etc

The app also allows you to save your favourite memories or return to memories you have recently viewed.

We have also added a search facility to make things easier to find.

You can also add your own memories via the app and upload stories and images.

It's free to use so if you know someone who can benefit or just want to reminisce then you can go to the main website on your phone where there are links to download the app or you can search in your app store.

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