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Walkers club app

Judging by the number of people wandering (socially distantly for the most part) around the streets every day a lot more people are taking up walking to make the most of their daily exercise during COVID-19 lockdown. I've always been an advocate for a good walk to destress and clear the mind and it looks like a lot of people are finding the same. Obviously the recent sunshine helps too!

While long distance walks are off the cards for the foreseeable future many of us are looking forward to getting back out for long walks with friends when things get back to normal.

And some people might even feel inspired to tackle one of Scotland's long distance walking routes such as the West Highland Way or even the 212 miles of the Southern Upland Way.

We have just launched an app for the The Walkers Club - an organisation created to offer a number of services designed for walkers including suggestions for great places to eat and drink, accommodation, campsites and places of interest.

The app offers lots of information for four routes: the West Highland Way, the Southern Upland Way, the Great Glen Way and the Rob Roy Way. It's in its very early stages but lots of information will be added so why not download the free app and start planning your next adventure.

You can take a look at the route map, see the recommended stages, find out about the terrain and accommodation en route. There is also information about eating places and things to see on your walk - there are also links to buy t-shirts and other souvenirs.

The app contains a journal so that you can record what you see, how you feel and any other important memories - you can also upload photos as you go so you don't forget. You can log when you start and finish each stage and compare your times to others using the app if you are feeling competitive.

You can create a new journal every time you embark on the route if you really get the walking bug (and we don't mean midgies although no doubt you will encounter a few of those too!).

It's always good to have something to look forward to so why not download the app now?

You can download the Apple version of the app here.

You can download the Android version of the app here.

Hope you are all staying safe and staying home if you can.

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