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Key to good business

Image of Keynorth's websiteIt may have been a holiday weekend for some but fuzzylime was still hard at work - well half of fuzzylime was, not sure if it was the fuzzy or the lime.

We have been working with Mark Totten for the past few months redesigning the website for his company, Keynorth.

Keynorth is an independent firm of chartered building surveyors, project managers and architectural designers.

Keynorth had an existing website but Mark felt it was very out-of-date and no longer met his needs.

We worked with Mark to design a bright and engaging website for Keynorth which reflects the ethos of the firm and explains the many services which are offered to clients.

The resulting website is clean and uncluttered and offers visitors a very concise explanation of what Keynorth can offer them.

Why not take a look and see for yourself?

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