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Growing and flourishing

Cathcart BC site

Happy new year to you all. We hope you had a lovely time and that the return to routine hasn't been too much of a shock.

Just before Christmas we were approached by Derrick Watson of Cathcart Baptist Church who was looking for help with a website project.

The project had been ongoing for some time but had stalled and he was looking for someone to take it on and progress it. The design was largely complete and Derrick had most of the content ready so we were happy to take it on.

Cathcart Baptist Church is a very busy place with lots going on - both at church and in the wider community. It was very important that the website reflected this and promote and explain the message: plant, grow, flourish.

We are delighted to have been able to help get the project back on track and the website launched and there are plans for lots more to be added in future so keep an eye on the website.

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