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A jargon-free zone

Exsel Group websiteHappy new year – we hope 2017 brings all you wish for (particularly if it is a fabulous new website).

Speaking of which, we have just launched a website for Exsel Group. Exsel is an IT company with a difference – they aim to strip all the jargon from IT making it easy to understand.

It's a pledge we hold close to our hearts at fuzzylime – we have always strived to avoid geekspeak to help our clients. We often find that clients come to us from other developers who have bamboozled them with jargon and they end up with websites that don’t work for them because they didn’t understand (and were too embarrassed to ask) what they had signed up for.

Not only did we design and build the website for Exsel Group but we also did the copywriting. We often find that our clients are so involved with their particular sector that the associated vocabulary is second nature to them (as it should be) and they don’t realise it is a foreign language to lay people.

In this case we were able to interview the key people at Exsel and get them to tell us about the business in their own words before translating it into plain English to make it more widely understood.

The result is an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand website that is accessible to anyone – one you don’t need an IT degree to understand.

Don't believe us? Well have a look and see what you think.

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