Who we are

We’re friendly and we don’t do geekspeak so please say hi.

We’re here to help you with your website as much as we can. We’re friendly and approachable and won’t bombard you with geekspeak you don’t understand.

We think our work stands for itself but if you’d like to find out more about who does what, how we got here and what experience we have (or even just what we look like) then please read on.

David Bennett

David’s our resident techy, designing and setting up our sites and doing any extra coding that they might need. He’ll work with you to set up everything you need online, whether it’s a simple site, an extra email address, a full e-shop or a huge, custom-coded extravaganza.

He's been programming since he could read (this is, sadly, true) and has worked on websites since the late 1990s (although the earliest ones are, happily, now lost in the mists of time). Alongside this, he worked as a journalist on local radio, local and national papers and national news websites across Scotland, including four years on The Herald.

When he isn’t staring at a screen, David keeps active through a mix of cycling, tennis and skiing – he’s obsessed with the last one. He’s also more than a little obsessed with coffee and can frequently be found propping up an espresso bar.

David lives in Lenzie, just outside Glasgow, with his wife and two young sons.

Call 0141 416 1446 | Email david@fuzzylime.co.uk | Twitter @davidfuzzylime

Jill Ledgerwood Stevenson

Jill is our content guru. She focuses on the words and our sites’ other contents, meaning David can get embroiled in piles of code (we don't disturb him when he does that; he gets a little cranky). Plus she deals with marketing – chances are she'll be the first person at fuzzylime you speak to.

She worked at The Herald for 14 years and uses the skills she gained there to make sure your project stays on schedule – all those years of hitting tight deadlines have paid off. Her project management skills will ensure everything goes to plan.

She also makes sure you understand everything that is going on – ensuring David doesn’t go all geeky on you!

Jill lives in the south side of Glasgow with her husband, two children, and puppy. She is a prolific reader and enjoys walking and eating out when she gets a chance! Jill is a member of Scottish Women in Business and has volunteered as a business mentor for various organisations.

Call 0141 416 1040 | Email jill@fuzzylime.co.uk | Twitter @jillfuzzylime