Scottish Women’s Rights Centre

Scottish Women’s Rights Centre
Website build & coding

We’ve worked with the Scottish Women’s Rights Centre since its inception in 2015, building its initial web presence.

In the years since, the organisation had changed quite substantially, adding a whole range of new support channels and providing substantially different content via its website.

The SWRC team had identified that their previous site wasn’t really fit for purpose any more, as it was trying to do to many different things and had grown quite confusing as a result. The project to refresh the site offered a chance to sort that, updating much of the content which had grown out-of-date and amending the structure to make it much more logical on the basis of the services now offered.

They were also keen to work with designer Jo Harrison on a striking visual identity for the centre, and for that to be incorporated throughout their new site – we’d worked with Jo before, including on Rape Crisis Scotland’s site redesign, and were delighted to work together again for this project.

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What we did

We worked with the SWRC team and Jo from the outset, ensuring that the new site’s structure was logical and that information would be easy to find.

Once the new design was agreed, a large volume of content needed ported over, with some new content also being provided. Key features such as forms were also incorporated within the new design and we worked to ensure that everything was consistent throughout the site.

Jo’s illustrations provide a strong consistent visual image throughout and the simplified structure makes it much easier for visitors to find the information they need.

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