Supplier Development Programme

Supplier Development Programme
Website coding & design

We were delighted to win a tender in 2019 to redevelop the website for the Supplier Development Programme.

SDP is an organisation that offers training and supports to SMEs interested in working with the public sector. It’s a partnership of Scotland’s local authorities, the Scottish Government and other public bodies.

With £240bn spent by the public sector each year in the UK, it’s definitely a market worth exploring.

At fuzzylime we actually attended some SDP courses a few years ago to help us with our own tenders and we were delighted when the work came in useful, both on other projects and on this one!

The site itself is a very large and custom development. It includes a vast number of events, both upcoming and in the past, as well as a directory of suppliers from across the country. Members need to be able to sign up, register for events, update their details, view copies of presentations after events they’ve attended and much more.

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What we did

The basis of the system is our fuzzylime (cms+) platform. We built a large number of custom elements on top of this, to manage events, members and reporting amongst other areas. As it is all integrated, the team at SDP only have to learn how to use one system to manage every part of their site.

We redesigned the site to make it easier to find key information and to guide visitors straight to what they’re looking for. On top of this, we sourced simple-to-use solutions wherever possible for the site. For example, on registration, users enter their postcode and their address details – and local authority – are filled in automatically from there.

Reps from each local authority, and trainers, are also able to sign in to access bespoke portals giving them access to key information.

And the team at SDP also have some custom-coded modules, allowing them to produce reports that they need on a regular basis with the minimum of effort. Some of these are produced and emailed automatically as spreadsheets or PDFs.

With the onset of the Covid pandemic, the SDP team expanded into offering key courses via e-learning. To facilitate this, we set up and integrated a learning management system (LMS) into the site, ensuring that users could access these courses via one click and without having to use a separate set of sign-in details.

A key requirement for SDP is reporting and we have built complex systems to provide access to a whole range of statistics for the team as easily as possible.

They said …

fuzzylime won a public sector tender to provide full website redesign and on-going technical support to the Supplier Development Programme, a national initiative led by all 32 Scottish local authorities that provides free tender training and support to Scottish SMEs, supported businesses and third sector organisations to bid for government contracts worth £13.3bn in Scotland.

While fuzzylime sets realistic expectations for project delivery and on-going support, the reality is that David and Jill consistently go above and beyond to deliver fast, expert solutions and strategic advice that has elevated our website into being our number one marketing channel.

Jennifer Payne, Supplier Development Programme

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