Rape crisis support

Rape crisis support
RASAC Perth and Kinross and FRASAC
App development

We were contacted by two rape crisis centres for whom we’d previously built websites with an idea for an app to make their processes much more straightforward.

RASAC Perth and Kinross, and Fife’s FRASAC, were keen to have an iPad app they could use for support tasks – filling in forms, recording progress, and also providing resources on the move.

Both organisations were still using largely paper-based approaches to these crucial meetings, making accessing information harder as well as complicating key elements such as reporting.

Security was a key concern, with a requirement to ensure that all information entered via the app was synced to a server so it could be accessed on other devices but not seen by anyone who shouldn’t have access to that specific set of data. Anonymised statistics were to be collated and used for reporting purposes.

What we did

We were able to build the app to their exact specifications, building in a web-based back-end that will allow both RCCs to add new forms and evaluations or amend existing ones going forward, as well as being able to extract reporting data.

We built the app to ensure that it does not require an internet connection to function – so staff can sign in and download the latest information when they are able and then work out in the field with no wifi. When they are connected again, information they’ve entered will be synced back to the server automatically.

We built one base app and web system, and then customised the branding to match that of each RCC.

The app was developed to work on iPads only and was deployed via the Apple Business Manager tool as it is not available to the public so cannot feature in the general-purpose App Store.

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