Judy Joo

Judy Joo
Website design

Chef Judy Joo contacted fuzzylime in mid-2021 to ask us to rebuild her old site.

Judy was really active on social media and wanted her new site to reflect this, as well as providing more information about her, her background and experience, her restaurants and a large section around recipes and Korean cuisine.

She had access to a great selection of images and had a logo that was already in use on her old site, and which we felt would work really well within a new design.

We built the whole site around striking imagery to make it as attractive as possible and guide users through to the information they wanted to find. We also recommended an integrated social media area, that would automatically display the latest posts from Judy’s Twitter and Instagram accounts, meaning the site was kept up-to-date without any additional work being required.

A key element was also to ensure that the site could be updated easily going forward, which is something that our in-house CMS allows.

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What we did

We built the site on our CMS and created a custom module to manage the recipes section. This allows Judy and her team to upload recipes, categorise these and collect things such as comments from users underneath.

The site grew in scale while we were developing it and we added elements such as boxes to highlight separate sub-pages within each section. We added sliding areas to pages listing elements such as Korean cooking utensils and ingredients, making these searchable to allow users to get straight to the information they wanted and allowing people to tap on included images to view these at a larger scale.

They said …

I decided to go with fuzzylime as they had come highly recommended to me. I had a fairly clear vision of how I wanted my website to look and what I wanted it to do and that wasn’t something I was going to get from a company that used templates or standard plug-ins.

David and Jill were able to take my ideas and adapt them so they not only looked great but also worked across the diverse sections of the website – a truly bespoke experience.

Judy Joo

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