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Tom and Emma Jessop got in touch with fuzzylime to ask us to create websites for their new ventures: Balmichael Glamping and Arran Alpacas – fuzzylimers old and new love a holiday on Arran so we were delighted to help.

Tom and Emma fell in love with Arran and have moved there with their three young children to set up the new businesses just 15 minutes from Brodick.

With lots of lovely lodges and barrel pods to choose from you don’t need to slum it and the site is set up to be really eco-friendly so there’s no need to worry about your carbon footprint.

Tom and Emma needed both sites to look inviting and modern and to allow people to book and pay online, with the minimum of fuss. They also needed to be expandable in future, adding things such as additional accommodation units or more information about the island when needed.

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What we did

It made sense to have two sites that looked similar while having a unique colour palette, so that's what we produced! Tom also asked us to put together the logos on the basis of sketches he had prepared, so that they could be used in a range of formats.

Along with basic informational pages, we also built a custom booking engine for each site – one to handle accommodation bookings for the glamping site and another for booking treks on the alpacas side of things. The booking engine has since been expanded and amended as the businesses have grown and more options have become available.

The sites handle as much of the work around bookings as possible, meaning that Tom and Emma can keep on top of these in a really straightforward way.

We integrated them with Stripe’s payment system, which provides a great way to take payments online – supporting technologies such as Apple Pay to make paying on a phone a one-tap process.

They said …

fuzzylime have supported us here at Balmichael Glamping since the start of our business. The initial build of the website was spot on and extremely user friendly to operate.

Our bespoke booking system is excellent and gives us full control over the booking system, something we were very clear about from the outset.

More importantly though, David is extremely quick to respond to queries and approaches all our modifications with simple solutions and advice. This has allowed the website to develop and grow in line with how our business has developed.

Tom Jessop, Balmichael Glamping

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