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GEWA website

It's Monday and it's time to share a new website with you.

The lovely team at GEWA (Glasgow East Women's Aid) had great ideas of what they wanted to achieve via the website but their existing website didn't have the functionality to do this.

There is so much information on this site and it was extremely important it could be accessed quickly. The information needed to be concise and easy to find.

We used coloured boxes on the home page of the website to signpost visitors to the information they need to access as quickly as possible. There is also a prominent "escape" button at the top of the website in case visitors have to hide what they are looking at.

Another technique we used to break up the text and to signpost visitors to the relevant information is a slider system for frequently asked questions. You can see this in the what is domestic abuse section. This enables users to find the information they require quickly and easily without having to read through lots of text.

As always this is a website we hope you don't have to use but if you are affected by domestic abuse in any way then it is an invaluable source of help.

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