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It's been a glorious weekend of sunshine in Glasgow and although we are sad to see it end we are delighted to share with you our new launch this morning so you can enjoy some liquid sunshine.

So before you head to the newly-opened* shops and restaurants and beer gardens (*other countries may vary) why not take a look?

It's not strictly a new website/app as we have been working with the guys at Scotch Whisky Auctions for many a year (118 monthly auctions to be exact) but it has been completely redeveloped from the bottom up. When SWA first started all those auctions ago the inaugural auction offered 112 lots - one recent auction offered more than 10,000 bottles.

It's a huge change for the operation at SWA and a huge change for the website and app that power the auctions.

All those lots bring very heavy traffic to the website and we needed to build a solution that can cope with such demand while still giving customers the fast and slick customer experience they expect from SWA and indeed fuzzylime.

It's so important that the customer journey is a satisfying one but it's also really important that the back end of the site is really straightforward for the team that work there every day so we started by gathering "wish lists" from the staff to find out what would make their lives easier and implemented them so that the back end is very much customised to meet their needs. This is never a one-off process at fuzzylime - we are always happy to hear from clients what could work better for them, after all they are the ones that have to use the system every day.

We've made lots of little changes to speed things up such as the site now reloading individual pages without reloading the whole site - this makes things much faster and allows the custom radio station to continue playing without interruption. All these changes are invisible to the user but ensure they have a much happier user experience.

While users will notice the obvious changes such as the bold new design, it is actually the little things that they won't notice at all that will make their visit to SWA better.

Whether you are a regular user or completely new why not take a look - there's a new auction starting today.

Slàinte Mhath

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