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Gear Mackenzie

And here's another one we did earlier! Thanks to the wonders of technology (and fuzzylime's handy blog scheduling system) we will be en route to Fife as this appears (assuming Storm Dennis has finished his menacing).

Andy Gear of Gear Mackenzie got in touch with fuzzylime because the firm's logo and website were dated and in need of refreshing.

Gear Mackenzie is an independent Chartered Building Surveying Consultancy providing high quality commercially focused services to clients throughout the UK

We first worked on the logo ensuring it was simple yet effective and in keeping with company's professional status. Once the logo was signed off we started work on the website. The website didn't need to do lots of things so we kept the design clean and uncluttered with all the important information such as services and experience to the fore.

The result is a clean, concise, professional website that offers clients all the necessary information.

Why not have a look?

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