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The healthy option

Axis health hubs web presenceThe sun is still shining - can you believe it?

It also means there are no excuses for not getting out and doing some exercise!

We have been working with Axis Health Hubs, a partnership between North Glasgow Healthy Living Community and Annexe Communities that aims to help create healthy communities.

Axis offers lots of practical help to achieve a healthy lifestyle - cooking workshops, organised walks, drop ins and lots more.

fuzzylime was invited to create the branding and the website for Axis Health Hubs. The branding had to reflect all the core values and activities that Axis stands for and delivers.

It had to be used across the web and also offline in posters and leaflets. It had to be flexible enough to be adopted by different hubs.

The web presence was built round the branding reflecting the vibrant colours of the logo.

Most of the activities will be posted on Axis's Facebook page so it was important to have prominent links to Facebook to encourage users to like the page.

We hope we have inspired you to get off your deckchair and go for a walk - if you need any more inspiration then why not take a look at Axis?


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