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In deepest darkest lockdown 2 - or was it 3 - we were in desperate need of a night out with friends but had absolutely nowhere to go. Even the real struggle to get a taxi home from Christmas nights out was beginning to feel nostalgic. We were all Zoomed out with no end in sight.

We eventually accepted our fate and enlisted Guy Chatfield to host a tutored wine tasting for us. And it was the best decision we could ever have made.

Guy dropped off three bottles of wine - a sparkling, a red and a white - and we all logged in from the comfort of our own homes, think sparkly tops and joggy bottoms (or maybe that was just me).

We had a fantastic evening - Guy was charming, knowledgeable and great fun and made us forget we were stuck in the house and still on Zoom. It was a resounding success and we all learned lots as well as drinking lovely wine and enjoying great company.

And no wet dark cold taxi queue!

Fast forward a few months and we are delighted to be working with Guy to produce his new website for The Wine Guy.

Guy offers events (online or in real life), tastings, training and also writes about wine for various publications. Guy commits to never letting the arrogance and snobbery side of wine creep into anything he does.

If you are in need of a good night out or in (with wine!) then Guy's your guy.

Why not have a look at his website and see what he offers.

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