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The great outdoors

screenshot of outdoor fife website front pageThe Easter holidays will soon be upon us and our latest launch could help with the endless "what are we going to do today" questions.

We won a tender to design and build a new website for Outdoor Fife with the aim of promoting businesses which offer things to do in the great outdoors in Fife.

The Outdoor Fife team were very keen that the website was very vibrant and really engaged with visitors with lots of different ways to find out what was available.

Visitors can browse the directory to find suitable activities or they can opt for offbeat options such as "anything but golf" or "mother-in-law treat". There is also a comprehensive search function which lets people search by type of activity and/or within a certain distance of where they are.

An events section shows visitors any special events that are on on the day they are visiting.

The clever weather widget automatically loads the weather forecast for the location of the particular activity you are interested in.

The team behind the site are all very busy with lots of other jobs to do so we coded the website in such a way that as much of the information as possible is pulled in automatically so that they do not have to spend a lot of time they don't have updating the website.

Businesses with an outdoor element can register and upload their own details to be approved by a member of the team.

If you are looking to enjoy the great outdoors then why not take a look?

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