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Take a deep breath

Carradale Hotel website

It's scorchio in Scotland (yes that's a valid meteorological term) and the school holidays have started - two events that rarely align.

Of course people are now complaining it is too hot - moaning about the weather is definitely a national pastime.

However if you want to take advantage of this rare occurrence then why not book a staycation - it's hotter here than LA allegedly!

We've been working with the team at the Carradale Hotel to build them a lovely new website. The scenery in and around Carradale is absolutely spectacular so we were lucky to be able to build the website around stunning imagery.

Carradale, on the Kintyre peninsula, is a magical place and if you have never visited then now is the time! If you book now then the hotel is offering you 10% off your stay - just mention "new website" when you book.

What are you waiting for? This weather is supposed to last . . . but I can confirm that Carradale is beautiful even in the rain!

Even if you can't manage a visit right now then take a look at the website and admire the scenery.

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