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Secure by default

Padlocked doorIf you look at the top of your browser, next to the address bar, you’ll now see a little padlock icon on this site.

That’s because we’ve made the switch to providing a secure site – that means that the connection between your computer and our server is encrypted so nobody can see what’s been sent or received.

It might not seem vital for a site like this but it’s becoming more and more of a standard across the web, which is why we’re pleased to say that it’s something we’re now switching on automatically for all sites we launch.

It used to be pretty complicated, time-consuming, and quite expensive to get that little padlock icon – lots of faffing and geekery was involved. But those days are in the past and we’re delighted to be contribution to a more secure web.

We’ve switched it on for a number of sites we’d launched previously, too, and are rolling it out to more and more all the time (if you’d like us to add it to your site please get in touch).

There’s an added benefit – search engines are now ranking secure sites more highly than those that aren’t secure, so all the sites we roll it out to should see a wee ranking boost as well!

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