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Remembering Srebrenica

Robert McNeil's site

Every now and then you get to work with someone who has had a truly inspirational life. Unfortunately Covid-19 has meant that we have not been able to meet in person – in this case it probably means that the website launched a lot earlier than it might have if we had been let loose asking questions over our usual coffee shop meetings!

Robert McNeil MBE is a Glasgow based painter who, following his retirement after a long career in forensics, now focuses on his roles as an ambassador for Remembering Srebrenica UK and an Affiliate Artist for UNESCO.

During his career Robert was invited to form part of National and International Forensic teams who were tasked with providing physical and scientific evidence of terrorist attacks in the UK and Ireland, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in war zones in the Balkans and in Africa.

He also assisted in the identification of British & Australian soldiers killed in France during WW1, and victims of the 2004 South East Asia tsunami in Thailand. He was awarded an MBE for Services to Pathology in 1999.

After his retirement in 2009 he started painting as a hobby but felt compelled to depict images from his former career to help him deal with a mild form of PTSD after working with victims of torture. On realising that both his experiences in forensics, together with his artwork might help people who themselves may have experienced trauma, he started exhibiting his work. His ‘Witness’ exhibition was seen throughout the UK including in 2014 in the Scottish Parliament.

Robert's new website brings together his art with his work for Remembering Srebrenica and UNESCO.

Why not take a look?

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