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Electric Furniture apps

One of our favourite things here at fuzzylime is the fact that no two projects are the same. But, every so often, we get to do something that’s totally different.

This was one of those projects. We’ve previously built quite a few apps for clients – normally to integrate with websites that we’ve also put together for them.

This time, though, we were asked to do something new. We were put in touch with a team who were building furniture that moved – press a button, it would raise itself, another and it would lower.

The unit itself had a bit of bluetooth kit in it – and we were asked if we could make an app that would make the clever up-and-down stuff as easy as hitting a button on your phone.

We were happy to rise to the challenge, looking at the code that had been written for a demo app by the bluetooth unit’s makers to produce something that was more user-friendly and straightforward. Rewriting this also allowed us to make it work across iPhones and Android devices, sharing a lot of the behind-the-scenes code for these to keep things as streamlined as possible.

So, although you might not come across this app in your day-to-day life, bear in mind that it’s just one illustration of the type of thing we can do – you only need to ask!

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