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Making time for a massage

Massage Training Institute website

It's that time of year when a lot of us feel a bit sluggish and it seems as if winter is never going to end.

The January enthusiasm for the gym has worn off but we are still in need of something to to perk us up and get rid of those aches and pains.

As most businesses will probably be hunched over endless GDPR compliance advice (and if you are not you should be - but more of that later) then it's the perfect time to escape for a rejuvenating massage.

At last they've got to the point of the blog post, I hear you cry (or perhaps that's tears from Googling GDPR).

We have been working with the lovely people at the Massage Training Institute who aim to train professional holistic massage therapists with sensitivity, creativity and integrity.

The Institute has recently undertaken a rebranding exercise and commissioned a new logo and we took over where their designers left off, incorporating the new logo and brand guidelines into a new fully responsive secure website.

They were looking for a website that made searching for an MTI practitioner or training course really easy for visitors so we installed a map system whereby visitors can enter their location and how far they are willing to travel and find their nearest massage practitioner.

The MTI also wanted to included lots of videos in their website so we made it extremely easy to drop in a video whenever they want.

The website includes a lot of information and a lot of features and we worked together to ensure that these are all easy to use and easy to find. We installed our own e-commerce software to run the online shop, coded an events system to suit MTI's needs and also added in a latest news and blog section too.

There is also a log in section for members where they can update their profiles and access forums and resources.

So if you feel in need of some pampering or are a massage practitioner looking to join then why not take a look?

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