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It's wine o'clock somewhere

Vinos Latinos website

Much of the south of Glasgow woke up after the holiday weekend to no water - and I don't just mean it wasn't raining for once.

Fortunately at fuzzylime we have been hard at work (along with Sam at Forbes Creative) in the world of wine, not water (although if you need a hand with your website Scottish Water we are available).

Obviously we are not advocating wine for breakfast - even if there is no water to make your morning cuppa. Drink responsibly and all that.

The website we have been working on celebrates unique wines from South America, particularly Argentina, Chile and Uruguay.

Owner Carla set up the business to import wines from her homeland, Uruguay, in 2006 and over the past couple of years she has expanded to include Argentina and Chile. This required a new name - Vinos Latinos - and lovely bright branding from Forbes Creative.

We built the website around the branding so it is really bright and cheerful and welcoming while still being clean and uncluttered.

If you are fed up with predictable wine lists filled with pinot grigio and chardonnay then it's maybe time to recommend Vinos Latinos to your eating place of choice! The website showcases all the different wines and estates that Vinos Latinos can supply to make for a more adventurous wine list.

Why not have a look and see if there is anything that takes your fancy - who doesn't need to be tempted by the bright sunshine of South America on a cold September day.


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