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Innovation network

Social innovation network websiteWe were delighted to win a tender to create branding and a website for the Social Innovation Network.

The aim of the Social Innovation Network website is to provide an online facility that allows users to access information, participate in research, debate and discussion, and co-ordinate collaborative ventures with other stakeholders.

This important project has its headquarters at Glasgow Caledonian University.

We worked on the logo first, aiming for a logo which was suitably innovative and conveyed the vast network too.

We then started work on the website. One of the most important features the Social Innovation Network required was an easy to use eJournal so work could be shared easily.

We custom coded this to sit within our content management system. Papers can be uploaded and approved through the same system which is used to update the rest of the site.

There is also an integrated forum system so members and interested parties can communicate new ideas with each other.

If you want to get involved, why not take a look.

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