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Imagine how it feels

Imagine How It Feels subsite

We were approached by Rape Crisis Scotland to help them with a new campaign: Imagine How it Feels.

There are lots of headlines about rapes but very little reporting on the impact of sexual violence on survivors and those close to them. RCS hopes that Imagine How it Feels will help people to understand the impact so that they are able to respond with empathy, and with sensitive and practical assistance centred on their needs and wishes.

We also hope that through this story survivors and their families will know more about their rights: what they can ask for, and have a right to expect from the agencies and individuals they encounter in the aftermath of sexual violence.

The campaign follows one family's story after their daughter was raped – mapping the impact of every stage of their story and highlighting the many failures they experienced.

Liz & Phil Smith’s world as they knew it changed completely from the moment they discovered their daughter Charlotte had been raped.

“It just felt like we’d found ourselves in a wilderness, and that … there was no horizon, it was rocky everywhere, barren, no compass, nobody in sight, no place that you were aiming for. Just completely vulnerable.”

Imagine How it Feels is a very interactive resource with people able to follow their journey from start to finish or to select individual areas that they wish to know more about or to access help. You can listen to the Smiths speaking via podcasts and find out more information on subjects such as stalking, reporting, caring for a traumatised survivor, and the court process.

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