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Helping young people

The revamped Rosey website

We are delighted to be able to finally share with you a website we worked on earlier this year. It was officially launched this afternoon at a very powerful webinar so we can now talk about it.

The Rosey Project is the Support and Prevention Programme for young people at Glasgow Rape Crisis providing support and education to young people aged 13-25.

The project came about because the existing website was very much aimed at professionals and it was felt that the website should be aimed at young people themselves.

The team at Rosey Project spoke to young survivors about what would help them and the website was designed at developed according to their feedback. The project not only supports survivors but also provides education as a means of prevention and survivors felt very strongly that the website should be split into two distinct sections - support and education - so that visitors could find the information they needed quickly and easily.

The website contains simple informative chatty language with lots of images, cartoons and videos to make it as accessible to a wide audience as possible.

When website concept and content are so well researched and thought out it makes our jobs as web designers/developers so much easier and the team at Rosey Project are always a delight to work with.

The information provided is not just valuable to young survivors but to all young people. If you know any young people or work in schools or clubs then please share.

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