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Helping people with alcohol and drug problems

FASS website

We have been working on a website that helps people who struggle with alcohol or drug problems and social exclusion.

FASS started out as an alcohol support service but has expanded its range of services over the years to also provide help for people with drug addiction, a rehabilitation and recovery service and Curnie Clubs - an organisation that helps bring together people who are socially isolated.

Although they are four separate organisations they all work under the umbrella of FASS and the website had to reflect this. There are four distinct areas of the website, each with their own menu, to reflect the structure of the organisation.

There are clear calls to action on the front page so that visitors can easily select the section of the website they are looking for. They are also colour coded. Once visitors are on the sub-site they can easily get back to the main website as there is a clear instruction to return to main site.

Information on each website is also available in Russian, Polish and Chinese and this is easily discoverable from the front page. Downloads are also available in each language.

The website is fully responsive so visitors can access it whenever they need help.

FASS is based in Fife but there are useful resources and advice that you can download even if you don't live in Fife.

Why not take a look?

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