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A-Cubed Design website

People often ask us how long it takes us to design and build a website and we normally say that we can do it within 28 days (unless it's a big project) but that depends on us getting the information from the client.

There are always exceptions and when the client has all the information at their fingertips it can be much quicker.

Our latest website, for architect Amanda Campbell, has taken just eight days from initial meeting to launch!

Amanda knew exactly what she wanted and had everything ready to go - the words, the pictures and the project information. There were a couple of pieces of writing she was unsure about and asked us to help and it was ready to launch!

Amanda set up her practice, A-Cubed Design, in 2005 and she specialises in home extensions in the Greater Glasgow area.

She had an existing website which had experienced some problems and she wanted to replace it with a clean modern responsive design.

We designed the front page to display six recent projects and visitors can click on a project they are interested in to find out more information, view pictures and read testimonials. These are really easy to manage so Amanda can update this section with new projects as they complete.

She also wanted to be upfront about the costs and so we added in a pricing page too.

If you are looking for more space in your current home or just want to drool over other people's houses then take a look at the A-Cubed Design website.

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