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Global challenge

World obesity home page

This is one we have been looking forward to sharing with you all for a while now. We were very fortunate to be kept very busy throughout lockdown creating this website for the World Obesity Federation. Obviously we still had time to bake banana bread, do online yoga, Zoom quizzes and all the other lockdown essentials but this was our major achievement (fuzzylime gardens and houses have not benefited from lockdown makeovers).

Our very last face-to-face meeting pre lockdown was with Rachel Jackson Leach to discuss the finer points of the website and although our ongoing meetings had to move away from the coffee shops and on to Zoom she has been great to work with.

This website is a really complex one and there were lots of challenges and things to learn along the way but that's what we love about our job. The site is, by its nature, very heavy on statistics and the biggest challenge was to present these in a way that was not only informative but also interesting and interactive.

We love the way the interactive globe has turned out – why not give it a spin?

There are so many different factors that affect the way the statistics need to display and different countries and regions do things differently so there were lots of factors to take into account.

The team at the World Obesity Federation used to have to collate a lot of the statistics and manually produce a lot of the countless PDFs. The idea of the new website was to automate this as much as possible and to reduce the burden on the team. We hope that we have helped to considerably cut their workload – or more likely made them available for other things!

Hope you are all coping in these strange times and staying safe.

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