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Flexibility works

Flexibility Works website

We are living in unprecedented times and everyone is having to adapt to a different way of life, a different reality, a way of getting through. Lots of employers are having to embrace home working where they would never have considered it before. In many households parents are juggling home working with home schooling or just keeping the children from going feral! The viral clip of South Korea expert Robert Kelly being interrupted by his children live on the BBC is now a reality for many Zoom business meetings.

It's hard to imagine a better time for the experts in the flexible working field, Flexibility Works, to launch their new website. If you are struggling to adapt to managing a workforce working from home or you are struggling to juggle looking after children and getting your job done then they can help.

Many employers have had to adapt to a home-working workforce with very little notice and making it work. Flexibility Works has a section devoted to advising people on the current COVID-19 pandemic - invaluable advice from the experts.

What is clear is that what is happening now is not "flexible working" - it is enforced home working. Whether this monumental change in employment leads to employers embracing and enabling flexible working in the long term or if everything returns to how it was as soon as lockdown is lifted remains to be seen but the team at Flexibility Works will be able to help either way.

They are advocates for the benefits of a flexible workforce and can advise employers on everything they need to know. They have worked with large and small organisations across different sectors to create working culture change.

In this uncertain time it's good to know you have the experts on your side.

Why not have a look and find out more?

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