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Close Your Pay Gap

Close Your Pay Gap website

We always enjoy working with Close the Gap - we've been working together for many years now.

This time we have been working on an online toolkit called Close Your Pay Gap. It is aimed at private and third sector employers who are publishing their gender pay gap figures under new reporting regulations that have been brought in.

Today is Equal Pay Day - the symbolic day of the year when women effectively stop earning compared to their male colleagues. On average women are still earning 18.4% less than men. Many women - including those at The Pool - are switching on their "out of office" notifications to make the point.

The Equal Pay Act is nearly 50 years old but the pay gap still continues but Close the Gap are hard at work making a difference.

The Close Your Pay Gap tool uses employers' pay gap data, along with a series of questions, to provide a personalised action plan to help employers close their pay gap.

There are various ways employers can use the toolkit and we worked hard to ensure every employer's journey was as straightforward as possible so they could get the correct guidance quickly and easily.

If you want to check how you get on then take the test.

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