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Charity book launch

Cover of SVR - Celebrating 100 yearsfuzzylime had a lovely day at the launch of the book we've just written to celebrate the centenary of Scottish Veterans' Residences.

The book was very well received and the honoured few who were able to read the book before the launch are absolutely delighted with how it has turned out – and so are we!

We were very privileged to be commissioned to write this book, which tells the compelling stories and experiences of the veterans who have turned to SVR for help. From taking tea with Rudolf Hess at Spandau prison or surviving the attack on Sir Galahad in the Falklands, there are fascinating stories from many different perspectives.

We also researched the fascinating history of the charity from 1910 when two Seaforth Highlanders saw first hand the squalor former soldiers were enduring on the streets of Edinburgh and had the vision to set up the charity to help any ex-servicemen in need.

SVR helps veterans of all ages – the current age range spans from 20 to 92 – in Edinburgh and Dundee and is currently negotiating an expansion to Glasgow.

All this costs money, of course, and help is always needed. If you are looking for a fascinating read this Christmas or know someone who would appreciate a worthwhile gift then the book is available from SVR for a suggested
donation of £8.99. You can contact SVR by emailing or by calling 0131 556 6827. You can send a cheque made payable to Scottish Veterans' Residences to Chief Executive's Office, Scottish Veterans' Residences, 53 Canongate, Edinburgh EH8 8BS.

More information on the charity is available on their website.

The book launch was also featured on the BBC's Good Morning Scotland as well as on the STV News at Six, which you can watch here (the report starts 14 minutes in!).

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