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Challenging attitudes towards violence against women

IKTC website

We've got a few new websites to share with you but we're going to spread them out so you can contain your excitement.

The first website we want to show you is one we have recently launched for Isabelle Kerr Training Consultancy. We first worked with Isabelle when she was at Glasgow and Clyde Rape Crisis Centre and were delighted to be able to work with her again.

Isabelle specialises in writing and delivering bespoke training programmes on sexual violence, abuse and exploitation, domestic abuse, understanding trauma, and ‘first responder’ training for anyone who may be working in areas where first disclosure of rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, or domestic abuse may happen.

IKTC focuses on Isabelle's work in the field of violence against women and girls, recognition of the trauma experienced by survivors, and on promoting training and awareness raising on provision of trauma informed services.

Isabelle has worked all over the world delivering her training and workshops including for the Seychelles Police Force and the British Embassy in Bangkok.

The horrific abduction, rape and murder of Sarah Everard by a serving police officer has quite rightly sparked widespread outrage and raised awareness of violence against women but the grim reality is that this violence goes on all the time and a lot of the time is not reported at all. Isabelle's work could not have come at a better time and we hope that lots of organisations use this time to change attitudes and undergo training.

As well as offering bespoke training packages the IKTC website also offers valuable resources which anyone can benefit from. Isabelle has won awards for her insightful and informative blogs so please take a look at the news, blog and trending sections of the website too.

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