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Logical Skincare website

Don't want to jinx it but the sun is STILL shining in Glasgow.

It might be time to stock up on sunscreen or fake it until you make it so you don't expose your peely wally (that's sickly pale to those not familiar with the Scots vernacular) limbs to the world.

I think you can see where we are going with this!

We have just launched a new-look website that can help you out - whether you are looking for Dermalogica or Jane Iredale sunscreen or the much-praised Vita Liberata self tanning range then Logical Skincare is the place to go.

They are very speedy at delivery too so you should be able to get stocks in before the rain returns!

We have been working with Julia and Joan - who head up the team at Logical Skincare - for a number of years on different projects and they felt it was time to bring together two of their businesses under one website.

This means you can fill one online shopping basket with all your favourite brands including Dermalogica, Jane Iredale, Vita Liberata and Ciara Daly.

And the good news is there are plenty of other skincare, nutrition and make-up products that are in no way reliant on the sun!

Why not take a look at the new Logical Skincare website - happy shopping!

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