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A taste of Scotland

Stuart MacPherson's shortbreadWe were delighted to be approached by the owner of Stuart MacPherson's Shortbread to create a dynamic website to promote his delicious shortbread.

The shortbread has a big following in the United States and is about to be stocked by prestigious chain, Neiman Marcus.

The website was designed to appeal to the US market, evoking memories of Scotland for ex-pats and appealing to the American love affair with Scotland.

Tartan obviously plays an important part but the website is designed primarily for e-commerce so we were careful not to overwhelm the visitor so that the buying process was still quick and easy.

The website may be aimed primarily at the American market but that doesn't mean it isn't available internationally.

So if you are looking to buy a gift for a relative abroad or simply stock up on that New Year essential (sorry we can't help you with the whisky - although we do know someone who can!) then why not take a look and get shopping.

All that talk of shortbread is making me hungry - I'm off to raid the biscuit tin!

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