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A little bit of magic

magicangelfish website

We could all do with a little magic in our lives at the moment and you can find lots of that on our latest website, Magic Angelfish. It was lovely to meet Kirsty Wade (in the halcyon pre-lockdown days) and to hear about her ideas for her new business.

The very talented Kirsty wanted to combine two business ideas in one website: offering her services as a doula as well as selling prints of her beautiful paintings.

While some of Kirsty's services will have to wait until lockdown, the new business has already evolved to take into account the strange times we are living in.

Children's rooms can be brightened by her cheerful prints of unicorns and seahorses and flamingos or you can commission Kirsty to paint a picture encompassing your child's name or artwork inspired by your wedding or pregnancy photos.

On the doula side Kirsty is offering online empowering preparation for birth classes and doula from a distance services. Once things return to normal Kirsty will be offering full doula services.

And you don't need to have children to enjoy Kirsty's artwork - we all need something to brighten up our lives and Kirsty's paintings are just the thing to cheer you up whether you are looking for rainbows or flamingos or frogs.

Although there is a bit of crossover between the two sides of the website you can choose whether you are interested in finding out about the doula part of the business or the art side on the home page. It's also really easy to change to the other part of the site at any time.

Why not take a look and see what you think?

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