What it costs

We always prefer to chat but we’ve tried our best to give you an idea of prices.

A (very) rough guide

We realise it’s annoying, but the truth is it’s virtually impossible to offer upfront prices for setting up your website or developing your app – it really does depend on what you want.

We can offer you some general figures, but if you’re interested please do get in touch to discuss your web design or online shop requirements and get a specific quote.

We are very friendly and approachable and are always happy to meet you for a no-obligation chat over a coffee so that we can find out more about what you want and give you an accurate quote.

The figures

We can set up most straightforward three-page sites for around £600 + VAT and five-page ones for around £900 + VAT.

Bigger sites will cost a bit more, but we still think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at our prices.

E-commerce (online shopping) sites are a bit more complicated so come in a bit more expensive – from £1600 + VAT – depending on your requirements.

App development is also more complicated and depends very much on what you are looking for the app to do but we are happy to meet you and discuss your needs to give you an accurate quote.

Those costs also include sending any emails sent to your new site’s address on to your existing address – or, if you’d prefer, we can set up a brand new, separate email account for you@yoursite.com.

On top of this, you’ll have ongoing costs for hosting, software maintenance and support.