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Inspiring young minds

STEAM Lab website

If you are looking for something to tempt the children away from their screens then we may be able to help.

It's difficult finding time to juggle all the demands that parenthood brings and we all need a bit of extra help from time to time.

Our latest website is for a social enterprise that runs classes and workshops to help children learn the basic concepts of science, technology, engineering, art, and maths, no matter their background.

Through STEAM Lab children can learn about robotics, animation, coding, music, video game design and lots more in a fun and accessible way.

The ethos behind STEAM Lab is that every child deserves the chance to learn, develop, and have a better future. Some of the sessions are paid, and others are subsidised for children from poorer families. A percentage of the profits will go to charities who support children living in poverty across Glasgow.

STEAM Lab also runs programmes for schools so if you think your children's school could benefit then get in touch.

STEAM Lab is very new so keep an eye on the website for classes in your area.

Lose yourself in Lost Glasgow

Lost Glasgow website

If you're a fan of the Lost Glasgow Facebook page then you are going to love our new website.

We were delighted to be reunited with the brains behind the page (yes we've been lucky enough to have worked with these fine folk before) and asked to design and develop this very special website as we are big fans of Lost Glasgow.

Lost Glasgow has more than 150,000 followers on Facebook but wanted to reach out to more Glaswegians from near and far.

The website makes it much easier to find older posts than it is on Facebook. You can either look for a street or an area or a building on the map and find out if there are any old photos or you can use the search function to look for somewhere or something specific.

All the posts are also tagged so once you find one photo then you can click on the tag to find more entries for that building or area.

You can also submit your own memories and photographs to the website via the online form and share to a wider audience.

Don't worry the photos will still be on Facebook but you can now let your friends who are not on Facebook know that they can join in too.

Have a look and see what you think.

DISCLAIMER: We take absolutely no responsibility for people losing days in Lost Glasgow, you have been warned.

Steps to change

Steps to Change Coaching website

If you have been feeling a bit stuck in your personal or work life then our latest website may be exactly what you are looking for.

We were approached by Olwen Kirkpatrick who was setting up her new coaching business, Steps to Change. She asked us to design the branding for her new business and then design and build her website.

The branding is bright and colourful using the steps to change as its basis. The colours from the steps are reflected in the sections of the website.

The website design is clean and streamlined and, as with all our websites, fully responsive and secure.

Olwen offers many different and innovative approaches to coaching and training and we wanted the website to reflect this.

If you are ready to begin on your own steps to change then why not take a look at the new website and see what Olwen offers.

Just another working day

Forth and Tay offshore website

It's snowing (at least in Glasgow it is) - which is always lovely as long as you don't have to go anywhere. There will be lots of children peering out the classroom window hoping to be sent home.

One of the (dis)advantages of working from home is there is no such thing as a snow day - so we are hard at work at fuzzylime whatever the weather throws at us.

Our offering this morning is a new website for our long-term clients at Fife Council - this time for Forth & Tay Offshore.

Forth & Tay Offshore is an alliance set up to be the driving force to service offshore renewable requirements within Scottish waters and the wider North Sea.

Forth & Tay Offshore is supported by public organisations including Scottish Enterprise, Dundee City Council, Fife Council, Angus Council, East Lothian Council and Scottish Borders Council. Forth & Tay is also supported by SSE, EDF and Redrock Power.

The initiative will grow massively as things develop and the website is designed so that it can grow with the alliance.

Why not take a look and see what you think?

Growing and flourishing

Cathcart BC site

Happy new year to you all. We hope you had a lovely time and that the return to routine hasn't been too much of a shock.

Just before Christmas we were approached by Derrick Watson of Cathcart Baptist Church who was looking for help with a website project.

The project had been ongoing for some time but had stalled and he was looking for someone to take it on and progress it. The design was largely complete and Derrick had most of the content ready so we were happy to take it on.

Cathcart Baptist Church is a very busy place with lots going on - both at church and in the wider community. It was very important that the website reflected this and promote and explain the message: plant, grow, flourish.

We are delighted to have been able to help get the project back on track and the website launched and there are plans for lots more to be added in future so keep an eye on the website.