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The power of friendship

Gabriel's Friends site

Every now and then you meet someone who is determined to make a difference and not let tragedy define them.

Lyndon Hughes got in touch with us as she was aware of the work we had done with The Compassionate Friends. Lyndon's son, Gabriel, lost his life in an accident in Berlin in 2012. He was 18.

Lyndon hates the spotlight but was determined that Gabriel's legacy would help people. He had been accepted to join the Royal Marines and was looking forward to starting. Gabriel had lots of friends but was conscious never to leave anyone out or anyone behind. He had taught himself to play the guitar and absolutely loved spending time mastering his favourite pieces of music.

Gabriel's friends get together every year to celebrate his birthday and to remember him.

Gabriel's Friends is an extension of this. Gabriel’s Friends harnesses the healing power of music to help UK military personnel. They work principally with Royal Marines, but their support is open to all British veterans as well as serving men and women.

Together with excellent partners they run music workshops which enable military personnel to create music, regardless of their level. Their workshops aim to help those who are enduring illness or wounds to body, mind or spirit.

Their work is at an early stage and the website reflects this. It was designed so that it can grow with Gabriel's Friends as they take on more projects. The website also has a news and events section to keep supporters up-to-date with what is happening.

If you want to find out more about Gabriel's Friends then why not take a look.

Things are looking up

Lift Engineering Solutions website

It's almost time for the schools to go back in Scotland - commiserations to all the teachers who have returned to work today - but we don't feel too sorry for you as most of us have been back at work for weeks and our holidays are but a distant happy memory.

One of the websites we have been working on is for Lift Engineering Solutions - an ambitious, safety-focused company with an impressive track record of delivering an extensive range of lift engineering services across Scotland.

The team at Lift Engineering Solutions were looking for a simple streamlined website that highlighted the services they offer and we were happy to oblige. The design uses large images to frame the information.

Why not take a look?

Road trip

Purdie's website

The run of great weather Scotland has been enjoying recently is wonderful and the country looks even better in the sunshine.

It's always nice to get out of the city for a while and enjoy the scenery and luckily we (well one half of fuzzylime anyway) had the opportunity to head up the west coast to Oban to lead an e-commerce training course.

We have been working with family-run Purdie's of Argyll for a while now to design and build a website for their fab own brand soaps, candles and toiletries.

The name may be familiar as Purdie's already have two shops - one in Oban and one in Inveraray.

There are lots of lovely things to tempt you on the website whether you are looking for essential oils or organic soaps or bath and body oil or candles or you could indulge in them all at the same time!

There's even a candle to keep the midges away - the west coast of Scotland in the sunshine without the midges, could there be anywhere better?

Why not take a look and try them out?

Take a deep breath

Carradale Hotel website

It's scorchio in Scotland (yes that's a valid meteorological term) and the school holidays have started - two events that rarely align.

Of course people are now complaining it is too hot - moaning about the weather is definitely a national pastime.

However if you want to take advantage of this rare occurrence then why not book a staycation - it's hotter here than LA allegedly!

We've been working with the team at the Carradale Hotel to build them a lovely new website. The scenery in and around Carradale is absolutely spectacular so we were lucky to be able to build the website around stunning imagery.

Carradale, on the Kintyre peninsula, is a magical place and if you have never visited then now is the time! If you book now then the hotel is offering you 10% off your stay - just mention "new website" when you book.

What are you waiting for? This weather is supposed to last . . . but I can confirm that Carradale is beautiful even in the rain!

Even if you can't manage a visit right now then take a look at the website and admire the scenery.

Who makes the news?

Gender Equal Media Scotland

We're delighted to be able to share with you a project we've had under wraps for a while - a website to promote Gender Equal Media Scotland.

The website was launched earlier at an event at Glasgow Women's Library so we are now able to show you.

Gender Equal Media Scotland brings together academics, journalists, campaign groups and organisations working for women’s equality in Scottish media.

They want to see a Scottish media which treats women equally – as employees, as contributors and as subjects of media attention.

The fully-responsive website offers advice to the media as well as displaying its research and events so people can find out more about the organisation.

If you want to find out more then take a look at the website.