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Who makes the news?

Gender Equal Media Scotland

We're delighted to be able to share with you a project we've had under wraps for a while - a website to promote Gender Equal Media Scotland.

The website was launched earlier at an event at Glasgow Women's Library so we are now able to show you.

Gender Equal Media Scotland brings together academics, journalists, campaign groups and organisations working for women’s equality in Scottish media.

They want to see a Scottish media which treats women equally – as employees, as contributors and as subjects of media attention.

The fully-responsive website offers advice to the media as well as displaying its research and events so people can find out more about the organisation.

If you want to find out more then take a look at the website.

Because it's logical

Logical Skincare website

Don't want to jinx it but the sun is STILL shining in Glasgow.

It might be time to stock up on sunscreen or fake it until you make it so you don't expose your peely wally (that's sickly pale to those not familiar with the Scots vernacular) limbs to the world.

I think you can see where we are going with this!

We have just launched a new-look website that can help you out - whether you are looking for Dermalogica or Jane Iredale sunscreen or the much-praised Vita Liberata self tanning range then Logical Skincare is the place to go.

They are very speedy at delivery too so you should be able to get stocks in before the rain returns!

We have been working with Julia and Joan - who head up the team at Logical Skincare - for a number of years on different projects and they felt it was time to bring together two of their businesses under one website.

This means you can fill one online shopping basket with all your favourite brands including Dermalogica, Jane Iredale, Vita Liberata and Ciara Daly.

And the good news is there are plenty of other skincare, nutrition and make-up products that are in no way reliant on the sun!

Why not take a look at the new Logical Skincare website - happy shopping!

Help with housing

Fife Housing Register website

It's a lovely sunny day in Glasgow and that is something to celebrate even if it is a Monday!

We've not taken our desks outside yet as we have a new website to share that just went live this morning.

We recently won a tender to design and develop a website for Fife Housing Register. Fife Housing Register is a partnership comprised of a number of housing providers in Fife. Each provider has different ways of doing things and the challenge was to ensure the website catered for everyone's needs.

The website contains a wealth of information and advice about housing and this had to be displayed in a clear and obvious manner. There is a lot of information so it was very important to ensure there was a clear structure to the website to make this information easily accessible.

The website also displays available housing in Fife. We have coded this so that visitors can narrow down their search for a home – they can select the number of bedrooms and the area they require via the website or they can leave these fields blank if they are open to any properties.

If you are looking for advice on the housing market in Fife then please take a look and let us know what you think.

Grand designs

A-Cubed Design website

People often ask us how long it takes us to design and build a website and we normally say that we can do it within 28 days (unless it's a big project) but that depends on us getting the information from the client.

There are always exceptions and when the client has all the information at their fingertips it can be much quicker.

Our latest website, for architect Amanda Campbell, has taken just eight days from initial meeting to launch!

Amanda knew exactly what she wanted and had everything ready to go - the words, the pictures and the project information. There were a couple of pieces of writing she was unsure about and asked us to help and it was ready to launch!

Amanda set up her practice, A-Cubed Design, in 2005 and she specialises in home extensions in the Greater Glasgow area.

She had an existing website which had experienced some problems and she wanted to replace it with a clean modern responsive design.

We designed the front page to display six recent projects and visitors can click on a project they are interested in to find out more information, view pictures and read testimonials. These are really easy to manage so Amanda can update this section with new projects as they complete.

She also wanted to be upfront about the costs and so we added in a pricing page too.

If you are looking for more space in your current home or just want to drool over other people's houses then take a look at the A-Cubed Design website.

Equality in politics

Equal Representation Project website

We were delighted to be asked back by our lovely friends at Engender to work on their latest collaboration.

The Equal Representation Project is a coalition of partners including Engender, Women 5050, Inclusion Scotland, the 1 in 5 campaign, CEMVO, CRER, BEMIS, the Scottish Refugee Council, Stonewall Scotland, the Equality Network, LGBT Youth Scotland, and the Scottish Youth Parliament.

Its vision is a Scotland where elected representatives truly reflect the diversity of the Scottish population.

We have helped them develop a website and an app for their toolkit to encourage diversity in political parties.

This online self-assessment tool is for members of political parties who want to find out how their local, regional, or national party can benefit from increasing the diversity of its members. Focusing on the experiences of women, disabled people, ethnic minorities and the LGBTI community, the tool enables parties to assess current practice across a range of themes.

The tool then provides tailored guidance and an action plan of the steps you can take to advance equality and diversity. You can also download advice on different topics.

The app works on ios and android and the toolkit works in a way that it can be downloaded and used offline whenever the user wants.

Toolkits can be a really useful way of gathering information and having it in website and app form makes it more versatile and user friendly.