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Grand designs

A-Cubed Design website

People often ask us how long it takes us to design and build a website and we normally say that we can do it within 28 days (unless it's a big project) but that depends on us getting the information from the client.

There are always exceptions and when the client has all the information at their fingertips it can be much quicker.

Our latest website, for architect Amanda Campbell, has taken just eight days from initial meeting to launch!

Amanda knew exactly what she wanted and had everything ready to go - the words, the pictures and the project information. There were a couple of pieces of writing she was unsure about and asked us to help and it was ready to launch!

Amanda set up her practice, A-Cubed Design, in 2005 and she specialises in home extensions in the Greater Glasgow area.

She had an existing website which had experienced some problems and she wanted to replace it with a clean modern responsive design.

We designed the front page to display six recent projects and visitors can click on a project they are interested in to find out more information, view pictures and read testimonials. These are really easy to manage so Amanda can update this section with new projects as they complete.

She also wanted to be upfront about the costs and so we added in a pricing page too.

If you are looking for more space in your current home or just want to drool over other people's houses then take a look at the A-Cubed Design website.

Equality in politics

Equal Representation Project website

We were delighted to be asked back by our lovely friends at Engender to work on their latest collaboration.

The Equal Representation Project is a coalition of partners including Engender, Women 5050, Inclusion Scotland, the 1 in 5 campaign, CEMVO, CRER, BEMIS, the Scottish Refugee Council, Stonewall Scotland, the Equality Network, LGBT Youth Scotland, and the Scottish Youth Parliament.

Its vision is a Scotland where elected representatives truly reflect the diversity of the Scottish population.

We have helped them develop a website and an app for their toolkit to encourage diversity in political parties.

This online self-assessment tool is for members of political parties who want to find out how their local, regional, or national party can benefit from increasing the diversity of its members. Focusing on the experiences of women, disabled people, ethnic minorities and the LGBTI community, the tool enables parties to assess current practice across a range of themes.

The tool then provides tailored guidance and an action plan of the steps you can take to advance equality and diversity. You can also download advice on different topics.

The app works on ios and android and the toolkit works in a way that it can be downloaded and used offline whenever the user wants.

Toolkits can be a really useful way of gathering information and having it in website and app form makes it more versatile and user friendly.

Helping people with alcohol and drug problems

FASS website

We have been working on a website that helps people who struggle with alcohol or drug problems and social exclusion.

FASS started out as an alcohol support service but has expanded its range of services over the years to also provide help for people with drug addiction, a rehabilitation and recovery service and Curnie Clubs - an organisation that helps bring together people who are socially isolated.

Although they are four separate organisations they all work under the umbrella of FASS and the website had to reflect this. There are four distinct areas of the website, each with their own menu, to reflect the structure of the organisation.

There are clear calls to action on the front page so that visitors can easily select the section of the website they are looking for. They are also colour coded. Once visitors are on the sub-site they can easily get back to the main website as there is a clear instruction to return to main site.

Information on each website is also available in Russian, Polish and Chinese and this is easily discoverable from the front page. Downloads are also available in each language.

The website is fully responsive so visitors can access it whenever they need help.

FASS is based in Fife but there are useful resources and advice that you can download even if you don't live in Fife.

Why not take a look?

Historic venue at heart of city

Trades Hall of Glasgow website

If you're looking for somewhere to hold a wedding or an event or a conference in Glasgow and you've traipsed round all the usual suspects then there's a hidden gem you might just have overlooked.

The Trades Hall of Glasgow is a beautiful venue on Glassford Street right in the city centre - you've probably walked past it hundreds of times but it's definitely worth a look inside.

There are lots of different rooms to choose from in a range of different sizes and styles from modern to very historical. Definitely something for everyone.

The events team are very friendly and helpful and will make sure your event runs smoothly and is perfectly tailored to your requirements. You can hire the rooms with or without catering.

When we were designing the website we wanted to show off the beautiful rooms to their best advantage so lots of photos were a must.

As well as information on the history of the building the website also clearly shows the different configurations of each room and how many they can hold etc. There are also PDF brochures you can download with menu options etc.

Once you have booked your wedding or event or conference then you will be given access to a client area where you can log in to manage the finer details of your event such as keeping track of who is coming and you can even enter your guests' chosen menu selections. The team will then download these and guests will be presented with personalised menus at their table. No more guests forgetting what they ordered!

With Valentine's Day fast approaching there may be a lot of newly-engaged couples looking for the perfect venue so make sure you put Trades Hall at the top of your list.

So if you have an event or special occasion coming up why not take a look at Trades Hall - we're sure you will find something you like.

Making time for a massage

Massage Training Institute website

It's that time of year when a lot of us feel a bit sluggish and it seems as if winter is never going to end.

The January enthusiasm for the gym has worn off but we are still in need of something to to perk us up and get rid of those aches and pains.

As most businesses will probably be hunched over endless GDPR compliance advice (and if you are not you should be - but more of that later) then it's the perfect time to escape for a rejuvenating massage.

At last they've got to the point of the blog post, I hear you cry (or perhaps that's tears from Googling GDPR).

We have been working with the lovely people at the Massage Training Institute who aim to train professional holistic massage therapists with sensitivity, creativity and integrity.

The Institute has recently undertaken a rebranding exercise and commissioned a new logo and we took over where their designers left off, incorporating the new logo and brand guidelines into a new fully responsive secure website.

They were looking for a website that made searching for an MTI practitioner or training course really easy for visitors so we installed a map system whereby visitors can enter their location and how far they are willing to travel and find their nearest massage practitioner.

The MTI also wanted to included lots of videos in their website so we made it extremely easy to drop in a video whenever they want.

The website includes a lot of information and a lot of features and we worked together to ensure that these are all easy to use and easy to find. We installed our own e-commerce software to run the online shop, coded an events system to suit MTI's needs and also added in a latest news and blog section too.

There is also a log in section for members where they can update their profiles and access forums and resources.

So if you feel in need of some pampering or are a massage practitioner looking to join then why not take a look?